For all those holding the opinion that beards are just a fad, let me tell you, you can never be so wrong. I the last few years we have seen most of the celebrities ditching their clean-shaven look in favor of the rugged testosterone oomph. And why not? It has got the opposite sex drooling to it.

Here is the list of our favorite Bollywood stars who were seen sporting a stubble or short beard to extirpate their chocolate boy image.

Well, topping our list is the Nawab of Bollywood who can only been seen in a stubble or a perfectly trimmed short beard. The “ole-ole” cutie is now a rugged macho man, and all the credit goes to his bearded look. No wonder he got Kareena falling for him.

Here is a perfect example of guy-next-door to a hottie transformation. Shahid Kapoor has been killing it with his Van-dyke and short beards, and his renewed exalted sense of fashion.

Look who has made it to our list, and yes, we are not talking about his fitness stuff. From long beards to stubbles with a salt and pepper taste, this vintage model has nailed it all. The Ultraman is giving new aging goals to all us

We all remember the ‘Ilahi’ song, and  we fell in love with his newly found macho-ness. This Bollywood star has been experimenting with his beard in all his movies, whether is the stubble in “Rockstar”, short beard in “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” or his French beard in “Tamasha”, he has pulled it all with flamboyance.

Well, we are not going leave someone who clearly dominate this list. The man who has got the entire nation’s women drooling and men going green with envy, has taught us how to reach the zenith of trendiness with a stylist beard. And being ridiculously handsome, he can pull off every kind of it.