Well, it’s an old adage that “shoes maketh a man”, and we could not agree more.N0 matter what you have put on from head to heels, a wrong choice for the feet can ravage your entire look. Her is the list of 5 pair of shoes that every man should own to add the indispensable versatility to all his looks.

1 Dress Shoe


Because these are imperative for your formal look. These highly polished and scuff-free shoes enhance your style and make it difficult to compete with. Not to forget, you cannot go to weddings and business meetings without them.

2.White trainers


From Fawad Khan to Shahid Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor, you must have seen all the bollywood stars sporting it, and why not, it’s just escalates you trendiness quotient.Pair it with blue denims, and you are ready to make people drool. Its a must have for your street style look, and can even make a plain tee and jeans look ridiculously fashionable.

Suede brogues


If Zayn Malik and David Beckham are endorsing it, then it can’t be wrong. Perfect for your slim denims, and a great option for something between formal and street style.



Nothing can compliment your chinos like a pair of fuss-free loafer, and apart from white trainers, it’s the only thing that will make you look good in shorts. And, it’s the easiest thing to wear.

Sport shoes


Well, we aint’ gonna leave something which you can’t do without.And, also because you need to look good while running and at the gym. Put it on with joggers and you have an extremely comfy airport look.