Zayn Malik is one of the most exalted fashion icon of youth these days. The former 1D member, with his impeccable taste in fashion, has been ruling all hearts ever since he has joined 1D. Known for his ever-changing looks, attributing to his hairstyles, that has changed more than 30 times in the last 5 years. He has flaunted everything from short spikes, the quiff, the pony and many others with panache

Here is list of top 5 Zayn’s hairstyle you can sport, if you are blasé about the same kind of look:


1.Messy hair with spikes


Well, who says you can style very short hair? Here is Zayn Malik showing you to style you short hair, by spiking it up from the from, and making it messy on the top, giving it slight curls. This is an easy to do look specially with a little bit of wax.

2.The sleek pony look


For the ones who have long hair and are confused how to style it a party, here it is. All you need for this ridiculously stylist slicked back ponytail look, is a serum and a hairspray. And, don’t forget to compliment it with a stubble.

3.The zig-zag headband look.

Zayn Malik 2014 Hairstyles 4

For someone who don’t want to spend much time in gel and style hair, this is and easy to don look.  Style your long hair, by pulling it back with the help of a zig-zag band

4.All spikey look


Zayn has managed to make all his spiked up looks different, and here is another example of this. The perfectly raised frond end and the messed-up spikes on the back side, makes it one the most desired hairstyles.

5.The strand look


Calling this a hairstyle would be an understatement. This a work of art and hairstyling at its zenith. A lot of wax has been used here to pull the hair back from the front and the sides, leaving a perfect strand curling towards the nose. The strand look is something that will elevate you oomp factor too.


So, all the trendy men out there, is time to vandalize your old school hairstyle, and be bold enough to try something different